Others Opinion on Chris



One SA's Favorite Radio Presenters

“Chris is a throwback to the Golden Age of radio, a thoroughbred professional, both inside and out the studio. The kind of broadcaster that is entirely unpretentious. I haven't seen any quality, young presenters, since I left the SABC. Chris is the only exception to the rule.”

Theo Conradie

"Unlike the breed of younger broadcasters that needlessly chew the scenery, Chris broadcasts with such an energy that you'll feel he is with you . . . . no matter where you are.”

Karl Kikillus

"Chris undeniably has the disposition of an old veteran while broadcasting on the radio, making the grade if it were as easy as breathing”

Jaco Swanepoel

“When the microphone is turned on, Chris speaks to me. As a single person. The golden rule of this business. When he talks . . . . I listen."

"[His] voice is so suave and relaxing on any daypart, but on a serious note, nobody knows what to expect when he gets behind the microphone. His brilliant knowledge of music is so extensive . . . . . I almost get scared at the kind of trivia he possesses. Chris has an unparalleled edge.”

Laurette Morgan


“Chris was made for character acting. He has an immediate and mesmerising presence on-camera and a certain psycho-quality that suit his looks very well.He doesn't just portray a role, he lives it. Able to portray various degrees of emotion, Chris is a thespian of rare breed.”

Jacques Gombault

"He [Chris]crafts a character like laying the foundation to a brick building. Give him a role, he will breathe life into it.”

Schalk Schoombie

“Chris is a gutsy and fearless performer.”

Heidi Mollentze

"He has a searing quality that no other actor can match, you won't keep your eyes off him. Chris' acting is beyond belief.”

David Konrad

“Chris’ performance [in Grease] was breathtaking authentic. He stole the entire show.”

Jordan Shade

“Chris is a gifted talent with an unbelievable future ahead of him."

Charlize Berg