Chris Nell lands first ever Lead Role!!!!!

It is said that if you reach for the stars, you will be lucky enough to reach the treetops, however Chris Nell has done the extraordinary and finds himself beyond the trees and right on Cloud Number 9.

He is set to star in his very first role as a leading man for a short film, entitled Blue  to be produced by the University of Johannesburg’s Faculty of Film and Television.  The film will be a gritty take on urban life as well as the tragedy of consequence, as scripted by student Cherie Klee. The story centers around a troubled youth who faces a moral dilemma and who has to come to grips with her own conscience after facing a figure from her past.

Chris will portray the role of Franklin, a manipulative and sadistic yuppie, who engages in a nauseating mind game with the title character. To say more will spoil the plot.

The role was instantly offered to him after a single audition. Originally having auditioned for a different part, he was asked to audition for Franklin and subsequently impressed the casting department with his take, described as both “dark” and “malicious.” That very afternoon, he received word that he won the role.

Even though the production will be filmed as part of an academic curriculum, it will prove to be another proper training ground for Chris, providing him with exposure and a platform to flex his Acting muscles. As the antagonist, Chris hopes to deliver a chilling and riveting performance of note. One that will receive positive notice and put him in further demand as an actor.

Filming is slated to begin in September 2016.