Moving Forward In Reverse – 2018 and Beyond.

The great 18th century poet and satirist Alexander Pope wrote once : “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” A philosophy that has been echoed by Bill Watterson, the famed cartoonist of Calvin and Hobbes who commented “that life is a whole lot easier” when he kept expectations much lower. 

Chris Nell has been a product of these philosophies. In 2017, Chris took to air as a radio personality for Bosveld Stereo 107.5FM, gaining quick momentum as a true talent with a great knowledge of music and entertainment, no other broadcaster at the station could match. 

As further testament of his versatility, he became acquainted with Melodie Dining Theatre, culminating with a starring role as Kenickie in Grease: The Musical. The production ran for five performances over the Easter Weekend and it was Chris who had become the favorite with audiences. However promise of longer participation never came to fruition, but Chris has proven himself an invaluable asset, whatever he puts his mind to.

What life lessons has he learned going into the New Year, quite simply

Anticipate everything, yet expect nothing, wise words of veteran performer Gideon Emery. 

What new challenges awaits ahead this year, who knows but whatever lies ahead, Chris will always be ready, because he is worthy of greatness.